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Your website is the equivalent of the brochure every salesperson once carried.

Web Content

Posted by Jeff Muir on 18 January 2017 | Comments

The second most popular question from buyers after “when can we meet the owners?” is “what is their web address?”  A company’s website can say a lot about the company to a buyer, not all of it intentional.

When we research potential sellers, we thoroughly review the website.  A well written “About Us” section can provide significant information about the company, its history, corporate culture and mission.  It may also reveal flaws to buyers.  The history of the company may emphasize how important it is to the customers to be dealing with the same family for 50 years.  The owner may use “I” throughout giving the impression of being a one person operation or of being “key” to the operations.  Of course there is always the dreaded “under construction” or “coming soon”. 

Your website is the equivalent of the brochure every salesperson once carried.  No one would hand out a brochure with blank pages.  No website should have sections without content.  Buyers expect a premium company, particularly a distributor, to use their website to facilitate sales, if not directly generate revenue.  Products and services should be highlighted and easy to navigate.  When appropriate the site should provide an outlet for e-commerce making it easy for customers to purchase products, view invoices and interact with the company.