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Reviews Of Think Like a Buyer

“A must read for business owners! This book has a specific and well-defined purpose - to teach business owners how to enhance the value of their business – and it delivers on that purpose in a clear, practical,convincing and entertaining way.”  

- Jack Finning, CPA, CGMA, Partner, AAFCPAs

 “When it comes to helping companies build value and realize their goals, David has been there and done that.  Business owners, business lawyers and CPAs, alike, should read this book.”

- Neal F. Splaine, Esq., Chairman, Business Law Department, Rubin and Rudman, LLP

 “Most owners of privately held businesses have little to no experience in actually selling a business, so you need to read this book. Let David guide you through the operational potholes and emotional pitfalls which chip away at value as you prepare for your most important transaction – the sale of your business!”

- Mark D. Lee, CPA, Partner, Lee & Crowley 


“As a tax lawyer, I’m humbled to say the most effective way to increase after-tax sales proceeds isn’t to reduce taxes (although that’s nice).  It’s to maximize the value of the business and fetch a higher sale price. David Humphrey knows this, and more importantly, explains his approach to value enhancement in plain English.”

- Travis Blais, Esq., Partner, Blais Halpert Lieberman & Greene LLC


“David has created a valuable tool for every business owner. Use this book as a guide to examine every aspect of your business. It will help you fine-tune your operations and achieve maximum value when you are ready to sell."

- Edward Giardina MSA CPA/ABV CVA, Partner, Giardina & French CPAs


Think Like a Buyer is an excellent guide for owners at any stage of growth. David has filled it with insightful anecdotes and examples from his decades of valuation and M&A work that will help you think like a buyer and get the most value for your business.”

- Donald H. Sienkiewicz, Esq., Estate Preservation & Planning Law Office


 “Dave uses his more than two decades of experience to simplify the largest, and scariest, transaction of a business owners’ life, the transfer of his or her business, into digestible, comforting stories. His ability to convey complicated concepts in a non-intimidating manner makes this book a must read for someone beginning to think about the sale of their business.”

- Dave Clayman, Principal, Twelve Points Wealth Management