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Think Like a Buyer and Sell Your Business for More

Having completed hundreds of deals for the sale of closely held manufacturing, distribution and interesting service businesses over the last three decades, Beacon Equity Advisors' president, David Humphrey, has identified more than three dozen ways business owners can improve, enhance and increase the value of their business.  Based on both deals that came together and those that buyers walked away from, David identifies areas that with slightly more planning, the business owner would have realized a deal that was substantially richer, smoother and with better terms than the owner actually was offered.

David has complied these tips along with stories, examples and concrete suggestions from three decades of experience in his book, Think Like a Buyer, fresh off the press.


The 43 concepts directly addressed in the book are shared below, many of which are linked to blog posts further describing the concept and offer an initial strategy for increasing value.

1.         Barriers to Entry

2.         Branding

3.         Business Name

4.         Do You Own the IP

5.         Being #1

6.         Certifications, Awards & Recognition

7.         One Plus One Can Equal Three

8.         Outside Advisory Team

9.         Train Tracks

10.       Second Tier Management

11.       Staff Retention

12.       Brain Drain

13.       Curb Appeal

14.       Family Members

15.       Noise

16.       Web Content

17.       Customer Concentration

18.       Customer Relationships

19.       Product & Industry Concentrations

20.       Sticky Customer Relationships

21.       Buggy Whip Factory

22.       Financial Ratios and Metrics

23.       Inventory Turns / Gross Margins

24.       Financial Statements

25.       Reputation of your CPA Firm

26.       Capitalize on the Trends

27.       Trusting the Inventory

28.       Equipment Leases

29.       Investment Needed

30.       Unreported Cash/Barter Transactions

31.       Discretionary Expenses

32.       Legal Entity and Taxation

33.       Licenses and Permits

34.       Real Estate Leases

35.       To Patent or Not To Patent

36.       Legislation

37.       Why?

38.       What’s Next?

39.       Time Kills Deals

40.       It’s Not About You

41.       Enhance the Presentation

42.       Grow Your Revenues

43.       Find Your Pony

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