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Step Direct INC. Sold To Step Direct LLC

Beacon Equity is pleased to have represented the Stockholder & Board members of Step Direct INC in marketing and sale of the company.

About Step Direct INC:

Step Direct Inc. advertises a $300+ Billion dollar industry designed to create awareness, entice consumers to purchase products and disseminate information.  They offer many forms of advertising, which include mass mediums, such as TV and radio.  This shotgun approach reaches some appropriate and inappropriate consumers.  If the targeted market is more narrow and defined, mediums such as trade magazines may be excellent vehicles to use in order to reach a certain audience.  If the audience is dispersed over a large territory, yet is easily defined such as homeowners with houses worth more than $500,000, there is no more cost effective way to reach this audience than direct mail.  Direct mail, since the time of the Pony Express, has been a time tested method of delivering information, personalized or generic, to a specific audience at a particular point in time. Step Direct Inc.  acts as the facilitator between the message sender and the United States Post Office to make sure the mailing is properly addressed, sorted and processed, and delivered to the USPO for speedy and accurate delivery to the intended party.

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David Humphrey
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Beacon Sold Step Direct INC. a leader in the advertising industry. Sold prior to 2010. Beacon is proud to be the Business Broker serving Ashland and surrounding towns of Hopkinton, Holliston, Sherborn, Framingham, south borough and all of Middlesex County.  If you are thinking of selling your company please call for a commitment free consultation.

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