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Radiofone of America INC. Sold To Comtronics

Beacon Equityis pleased to have represented the Stockholder & Board members of Northeast Realty Sign in marketing and sale of the company.

About Radiofone of America:

Radiofone of America is in the business of selling and servicing two-way radio communication systems. The company has a full line, dealership agreement with the largest radio manufacturerin the country and they are one of only a few such dealerships in the state. Thebusiness is located in the western suburbs of Boston and they have been operating inthe same location since the start of their ownership.

The full line of two-way radios includes; portable units, mobile radios, repeaters, and stationary radio transmitters. Portable radios are the most popular of all two-way products today; they have the transmitter and receiver in one package, they are lightweightand inexpensive. Their one limitation is power; the radios are rated at 4 to 5watts and are generally effective in a one to two mile geographic radius. The degree ofcommunication effectiveness is largely due to how many building and land obstructionsare between the sender and receiver of the signal. Mobile radios can be effective up to15 miles. They may be mounted within several inconspicuous areas of a car and theycan have a power rating of up to 45 watts. A repeater will enhance or multiply the rangeof portable, mobile, or base station radios. Stationary radio systems are the most powerful of two-way communications. With a 40 to 100 watt transmitter and roofmounted antenna, stationary radios can transmit signals over a 50 mile area.

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Beacon Sold Radiofone of America a leader in the business of selling and servicing two-way radio communication systems. Beacon is proud to be the Business Broker serving Billerica and surrounding towns of Bedford, Burlington, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Lowell, Chelmsford, Carlisle and all of Middlesex County. If you are thinking of selling your company please call for a commitment free consultation.