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Success Stories

The company records voice messages in 55 languages and multiple accents (i.e. American, British and Australian English) for use in telephone systems for Fortune 500 companies, regional enterprises and small businesses looking to sound professional.

What made the business attractive to buyers?

  • 28 years in business
  • 90 voice talents for the customer to choose
  • Very “sticky” customers relationships - customers tend to stay with the same voice
  • Diverse client base
  • Strong Gross Margins (about 75%)
  • Growing sales
  • Wide variety of well known customers
  • High growth potential


  • Several years before listing, the company did not have clear ownership of the voice recordings.  At Beacon’s suggestion, the company put together agreements with its voice talent to clarify ownership of the recordings for the company.
  • The owner was the primary salesperson and had consciously slowed down his efforts to develop new clients.

Why did the owner want to sell?

The owner encountered some health challenges several years before the sale prompting him to develop a strategy to exit the business.  He executed on his objectives in the plan and was able to sell before his target date.

Beacon’s Role and Results:

Beacon Equity Advisors assisted with the valuation, marketing, deal negotiations and due diligence necessary to bring about a deal.   This included having to replace a buyer who was unable to close the deal due to a problem obtaining financing.  Beacon had stayed in touch with other interested buyers and the deal was able to be closed before year end as the client wished.

The Process:

Beacon marketed the business for approximately nine months to hundreds of corporate buyers and entrepreneurs seeking an opportunity in the Telecommunications industry.

  • Beacon worked closely with approximately 62 buyers who showed strong interest.
  • We narrowed this field down to 12 groups who submitted letters of interest. 
  • 6 buyers were invited to meet with management and submit offers.
  • 2 groups made several bids until a deal was struck.

The Buyer 

The buyer had a strong personal balance sheet and significant experience in sales and marketing in the telecommunications industry.  He was looking for an opportunity to operate and grow his own company.  Beacon was introduced to the buyer by one of his advisors and discussed several opportunities with him before he settled on this company for purchase.

The business was sold for the target price in an all cash transaction.