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The Beacon Approach

An average deal for the sale of a business has 17 decision makers involved from owners and partners to legal, accounting and banking teams on each side. The Beacon approach is designed to get each of these key players on the same page, focused on the big picture objective and understanding that no single solution is going to make everybody 100% happy. The Beacon Approach is designed to learn enough information upfront to help the parties navigate the different paths, avoid dead end trails and smooth out rough patches along the road to bring about a deal. 

  • Meet with management to thoroughly understand your company, how it services the marketplace, what makes the business unique and creates the most value.
  • Compiling company data (financial, customers, vendors) to assist in valuation process. 
  • Conduct a Pothole Analysis™ within the Company, which can be changed, enhancing value. Potholes Analysis™ covers 43 aspects of a business which we know has caused buyers to be nervous, and nervous buyers make lower offers.  By smoothing over these Potholes, buyers are more comfortable, see more value, and writes better offers. 
  • Assess the strategic market value of the company to each of the four different types of buyers-- strategic buyers, private equity, venture capital groups and entrepreneurs.
  • Assess the typical terms different buyer types would offer for a business in the subject industry.
  • Review preliminary analysis with lending sources (Banks, Mezzanine, private) to determine appetite for assisting with a deal.
  • Meet with management to discuss valuation results, identify the target valuation and ideal structure of a sale as well as which buyer type is most likely to meet your expectations.
  • Produce a 30-40 page marketing package to summarize the investment opportunity for investors and support the target valuation. Your business profile is designed to get buy-in from buyer, buyer’s partners, legal, accounting and banking.
  • Market your company to over 4000 qualified prospective buyers in the Beacon database including strategic buyers, private equity, venture capital groups and entrepreneurs.
  • Market your company to over 600 partners of CPA firms across New England with which Beacon works.
  • Market your company to hundreds of leading Law firms across New England with which Beacon works.
  • Market your company to leading centers of influence around the country using the Provisors and USA500 memberships.
  • Market your company to leading Private Equity buyers around the world using our memberships in premium networking associations catering to M&A transactions.
  • Market your company through phone calls, emails and direct mail to companies identified (and approved by you) that are likely a strong fit.
  • Screen interested buyers to exclude those without the financial capability to complete a transaction as well as those whose initial offers are not in line with the company’s value.
  • Work closely with your CPA and Attorney to negotiate the best deal possible for you and your company in terms of price, terms, legal considerations and tax considerations.
  • Participate in meetings between you and your accounting/legal team with the potential buyer and their accounting/legal team through the due diligence process, right to the closing table.

Beacon's Varying Service Options:

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Beacon Market Analysis & Positioning

Beacon Deal Bridge Advisory Beacon M&A Advisory
Financial Analysis
Market Price Determination
Deal Terms/Expectations
Sales Analysis  
Customer Analysis  
Internal Team Analysis  
Positioning for Optimal Value  
Company Story & Evolution    
Marketplace Analysis    
Industry/Competitors Analysis    
Growth Drivers    
Marketing to Premium Buyers    
Deal Negotiation  
Due Diligence  
Transaction Management  


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