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Elements Conference

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The 5th Annual Elements Conference

Wednesday, October 23

TPC Golf Club, Norton, MA


An afternoon journey down the path of a business deal; from first contact to the closing table.  We will share real Letters of Intent, engage in Buyer/Seller Meetings, & demonstrate ways sellers can impact negotiation without even realizing it.  The stories are told through six actual offers for a business as together we narrow multiple buyers down to one acceptable offer.


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The ELEMENTS CONFERENCE is an element by element, building block by building block, introduction to the process of selling a closely held business.  The Conference is specifically targeted towards the business owner who wants to learn about selling a business without the high pressure sales pitch and meet the needs of the professional advisor (CPA, Lawyer) who wants to better understand the elements outside their own specialty. 


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IMG 0254Guests of this year's conference received a complimentary copy of David Humphrey's latest book, Think Like a Buyer.  If you are contemplating the sale of your business, this is a must read!  Based on both deals that came together and those that did not, Mr. Humphrey identifies areas where if there was slightly more planning, the business owner would have realized a deal that was substantially richer, smoother or contained better terms than the owner actually realized. Request your copy today.