We Sell Exceptional Businesses for Premium Values
By Telling Strategic Stories

The Beacon Difference

Since 1985 Beacon Equity Advisors has represented hundreds of business owners in the sale of their Manufacturing, Distribution or Service Company, which owners have built, nurtured and grown over a working lifetime.

Our team approach, combined with our boutique philosophy, results in Beacon selling a higher percentage of the businesses it represents than almost any other advisor in the country.

Beacon's approach towards the sale of business has three prongs:

First - We accept only companies we believe we can help.  We walk away from several opportunities a week as we look for companies that fit our areas of experience and expertise.  Understanding your business well, what makes your business profitable, and the role your company plays in the marketplace, enables Beacon to represent you vigorously and bring you greater value.

Second – We make sure each Beacon advisor is the lead team member on no more than four deals at one time.  You are trusting Beacon with one of the most valuable assets you have and this sale needs to be front and center of that advisor’s mind every day.  We believe four deals is the right amount of client focus allowing the advisor to devote 40 hours a month to your business. 

Third – We know our marketplace – we know the entrepreneurial buyers, private equity firms and corporate buyers within our space.  We know who to talk to, how much to say, what to disclose and when, how to maintain confidentiality, and when to walk away.  This knowledge is not written in any text book, it is not taught in college or seminars, it is a skill Beacon's advisors have honed buyer after buyer, deal after deal, over three decades to represent business owners in maximizing value.

Contact us today so we may discuss the opportunity to value, market and sell your business.

IMG 0254We encourage all business owners to Think Like a Buyer.  

Mr. Humphrey has recently published his second book, Think Like a Buyer, a compilation of stories, examples and concrete suggestions for business owners preparing their company for sale.  Click Here to request your complimentary copy