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Jeffrey S. Muir, CVA

Director, M&A Advisor

Jeffrey S. Muir brings over 20 years of experience in financing and negotiating M&A deals to Beacon Equity Advisors. Over the years, he has assisted interesting manufacturing, technology and distribution companies in finding the right buyer and the right deal.  Jeff’s success runs the size and complexity gamut, from negotiating the sale of a large international power company to publicly held company in Spain looking to establish a presence in the US, to a deal for a product engineer/inventor to sell his seven-person company to a group that could grow it while the inventor worked on his next idea.  Sometimes Jeff is asked to get a transaction negotiated between two parties who see the value of a combination but need expertise to get to the finish line.

The common thread in each opportunity is a deep understanding of the business, its market and the key objectives of the owner(s).  Jeff’s ability to quickly assess the transaction’s potential and possible pitfalls enables deals to come together cleanly and keeps the process on track toward closing.  Much of this success is due to cultivating personal relationships with ownership and their advisors during the time leading up to a transaction.

“The key to finding the right buyer is a deep understanding of the business and its market.  What role does it fill in the market better than anyone else?  I strive to understand a company’s operational capabilities, sales process and financial structure before we go to market.  I want to know the answers to buyer’s questions before they ask.”

Representative Transactions:

Advisor to the largest independent design engineering firm specializing in industrial chimneys, steel stacks and other energy mega structures.  The company sought a partner with additional financial strength to allow them to compete for a greater share of large energy generation projects globally.  The company was sold to a publically traded company based on Spain with a focus on energy. The owner achieved his financial objectives and his team remained intact. 

Advisor to the premier distributor of products used to remove hazardous waste products in New England and Florida.  The owner sought to combine with a long time industry ally to create a company capable of competing nationally as well as an exit strategy for himself.  While the two owners had a long business relationship, neither had been through a successful merger and an earlier attempt at combining had failed.  After discreetly discussing potential mergers with other competitors in the industry, I helped the client understand the marketplace and what a successful merger could look like.  I then reengaged with the original target and worked to get our client a deal to satisfy his short term and long term goals. 

Advisor to the seller of a manufacturer of a uniquely engineered bubbler cylinder used by the electronics, military, aircraft and medical device industries. Company sold to Private Equity buyer for 80% cash as well as a successful earn out payment to the seller.

Advisor to the seller of a telecommunications business with expertise in IVR systems and a provider of unique message solutions in 55 different languages. The customer base included calls centers for many Fortune 500 companies.  The company was sold to an entrepreneurial buyer in an all cash transaction.

Advisor to the seller of a 60 year old for-profit trade school.  The owner had no natural successor within the family or company management.  An entrepreneurial buyer familiar to Beacon with a strong financial background was identified.  He teamed with family members with an educational background to create a group capable of buying, managing and growing a traditional business.  The stock deal included the purchase of real estate and included buyer cash, bank financing and minimal seller note.

Accreditations & Licenses:

  • Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Certified by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts
  • Real Estate Broker, Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Professional Memberships:

  • Member, National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts
  • Founding Member, USA 500 Clubs, Boston, MA


  • Board of Directors, School on Wheels Massachusetts
  • Co-Chair, New England 500 Charitable Giving Circle
  • Treasurer, Easton Youth Baseball
  • Vice President, Boston College Gridiron Club
  • Board Member, School on Wheels of Massachusetts

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Jeff Muir

Direct: 781-352-4258

Email: jeff@beaconequityadvisors.com 

Twitter: @beaconmuir

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-muir-beacon/