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Greg DeSimone

Greg DeSimone is a recovering CPA. For the last 20 years Greg has worked with venture capital, private equity and public companies.  Prior to joining Beacon, Greg founded Catapult Advisory Group to guide successful family businesses, reinvigorate those who sometimes get stuck and encourage all of his clients to find ways to grow.  Additionally, he provides succession and exit planning services to maximize the value of their business and transition to the next generation or owner.

At Beacon, Greg is the director of their Deal Bridge program designed specifically to assist business owners who have identifed a buyer (a competitor, family member, management or even an equity firm who knocks on their door) but needs advice to reach a deal that is properly structured & actually closes. Identifying a buyer is a significant step, but only part of the sale process.  Converting that friendly handshake into a deal that survives several rounds of renegotiation, due diligence and haggling over legal agreements into a successful closing can be a long and challenging process to navigate. 

Greg is certified by FocalPoint International as a business coach and is currently their national director of finance.  In this role he provides support and education for over 150 coaches and their clients worldwide in the areas of finance, benchmarking, forecasting, valuation, and exit planning strategies.


  • Board of Directors, School on Wheels Massachusetts
  • Current Tournament Director & on the Membership Committee as well as former Board Member at Pocasset Golf Club

Greg DeSimone

Direct Line: 781.713.3403

Email: Gdesimone@BeaconEquityAdvisors.com

Twitter: @gregdesimone

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregorydesimone/